California Has 1.1 Million Medical Marijuana Users, NORML Says

California is the most populous state in the Union. It's where the nation's medical marijuana movement was birthed, and the Golden State is also where

the rest of the country gets most of its illegal pot, judging by law enforcement

statistics (lo siento, British Columbia and Mexico).

Based on these facts, it stands to reason that

California would have a fair number of medical cannabis users. That

notion, while logical, is unquantifiable (for reasons explained later), though that hasn't stopped California NORML from coming up with its own calculations.

Which are: as many as 1.1 million licensed, recommendation-carrying medical marijuana users in California, who in turn generate as much as $4.5 billion in legal, taxable activity, according to numbers NORML released Tuesday.

Can you say “too big to fail”?

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