California Law Now Says You Can Park for Free at Broken Meters

To those city drivers dragged into teeth-grinding anguish by this morning's KQED report that SFMTA is hiring 14 new meter maids to take your money, there's some soothing news coming out of Sacramento: Free parking at broken meters is now state law.

Sponsored by state Sen. Mark DeSaulnier (D-Concord), endorsed by AAA, and now signed by Gov. Jerry Brown, Senate Bill 1388 says meter maids can no longer slap you with a ticket if you are parked at a broken meter.
This isn't a life-changing law for us, of course. Unlike those Matt-Kemp-jersey-wearing brutes in Los Angeles, San Franciscans already enjoy free parking at broken meters, per SFMTA policy.
But given the transportation agency's $17 million deficit, and the city's newfound energy to help close that shortfall through increased parking citation revenue, there were no promises San Francisco would remain a free-parking-at-broken-meters kind of town.

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