California Sen. Kamala Harris Drops Out of 2020 Race

The announcement comes after reports of a troubled campaign for the former San Francisco District Attorney.

Sen. Kamala Harris, once San Francisco’s district attorney, is reportedly ending her run for president on Tuesday.

Harris told supporters in an email on Tuesday morning that she could no longer run a competitive campaign with her current financial resources, according to the New York Times. The announcement caps the year that began in January with more than 20,000 people attending campaign rally launch in her birthplace of Oakland, signaling great potential for polling and fundraising.

The former San Francisco DA promised to “speak truth” and positioned herself as “for the people” somewhere in between a moderate and progressive. Though Harris’ prosecutorial record was met with skepticism on the left, she captured national attention for challenging former Vice President Joe Biden in June about his past opposition to busing students of color to integrate a segregated education system. Harris herself took a Berkeley school bus as part of the nation’s efforts.

It was deemed a breakout moment for her campaign but the bump didn’t last. Harris peaked at 15 percent support in the polls but fell down to just two percent and was surpassed by former New York City Mayor and fresh presidential contender Michael Bloomberg, according to The Hill.

By the fall, Harris was spending more than she was fundraising. The nail in her campaign’s coffin came after a Times report published last week outlined disarray and tension between campaign leaders — information that would be unlikely to convince donors to invest more.

The announcement comes exactly two months before a pivotal Iowa caucus, and three months before the California primary.

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