California Supreme Court Dismisses Landmark Medical Marijuana Ban

The courts are a funny thing. A case that caused the sky to fall is six months ago is now being declared irrelevant.

A state appeals court case that some feared would cause all medical marijuana dispensaries in California to be banned back in January was dismissed without review on Wednesday by the California Supreme Court.

In the case of Pack v. City of Long Beach, a state appeals court ruled that no city or county in California could regulate medical marijuana dispensaries, since marijuana is illegal under federal law. Cities across the state used the ruling as an excuse to ban dispensaries. Even San Francisco got into the act, briefly suspending its landmark permitting ordinance.

The appeals court ruling was suspended while the Supreme Court agreed to hear the case. A decision could have been forthcoming this fall. But in the interim, Long Beach banned dispensaries outright. That rendered the point of law the Supreme Court was to argue moot, and so the entire case was dismissed.

So who won? The game's not even close to over.

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