Californians Try to Ban Trump From Border Wall Visit

Care2 launched a petition to cancel the president's upcoming visit to California, a state he totally concedes to without question.

President Donald Trump’s first scheduled visit to California in office is unsurprisingly met with resistance — and like all other pleas from the state that routinely battles his administration, it’ll likely be ignored.

President Trump plans to visit California next week to see prototypes of his big, beautiful border wall and raise money to Keep America Great. In response, Care2 launched a petition to have him cancel the trip, which almost 10,000 Californians have signed online.

“Trump goes against everything Californians stand for,” the petition reads. “The truth is, he shouldn’t bother coming – we don’t want his border wall, and we don’t want him here.”

Alas, other petitions targeting President Trump haven’t quite achieved their goals, like the multiple petitions to impeach Trump. Or the ones demanding he release his tax returns, make White House visitor logs public again, or to fire Kellyanne Conway for conflicts of interest. The list truly goes on.

There are other people or entities you would expect a president to listen to but doesn’t, like:

 SF Weekly sincerely wishes the 29,000 total signatories don’t get their hopes up in thinking President Trump will meaningfully listen to anyone.

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