California's First Openly Gay Superior Court Judge Hopes To Avoid Being 'Cubbyholed'

When new superior court judges are appointed by the governor, it's usually a three-paragraph story in the back of the paper. In Judge Ronald Albers' case, that was how it went — and yet it didn't.

It wasn't just another appointment for Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger when Albers was sworn in Monday at San Francisco Superior Court; the 60-year-old judge is, to the best of anyone's knowledge, the first openly LGBT person every tapped for the state's superior court.

Albers called the appointment a “great honor,” and, as would be expected from a man with decades of legal experience, wasn't altogether thrilled with the notion of now being known as “the gay judge.” Still, he has to admit, this appointment is a pretty big deal: “I'm comfortable that the merits of this appointment are the most important, and those who know me” will feel that way, he says. “But for those who don't know me, I think the fact that a person of diversity has been appointed is enormously important.”

When we asked the judge — legally married to his partner of 34 years, Colin Alexander — how he'd rule on a case involving the merits of same-sex marriage, he said “Can you skip that one?” But we pressed, and he gave us an answer.

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