Calling All Altruists: City Hosts Ocean Beach Cleanup Saturday — If You Get Trashed, You Can't Pick Up Trash

The age-old question of whether 'tis better to give or receive depends on who's brandishing the whip. This Friday night and Saturday morning, San Franciscans will face a dilemma of their own: Shall we stay up late and get wasted or awake early to pick up waste?

The city's Department of Public Works is hoping to get the public working; it's hosting an Ocean Beach cleanup on Saturday, July 11 starting at 9 a.m. (this means you'll have to get up by 8:59) and lasting until noon. Since scooping up filth and human effluvia fairly early in the morning isn't the bang-zoom hangover cure of, say, menudo, only gluttons for punishment will manage to burn the candle at both ends. On the other hand, no one would give you a hard time for showing up looking like hell for a trash pickup.

In any event, those with a desire to transform Ocean Beach from a filthy, windy, cold, lethally easy to drown locale to all of the above sans “filthy” should meet at 9 a.m. on Saturday at Great Highway and Fulton. Look for the group of tired do-gooders.

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