Caltrain to Increase Service as Region Reopens

Skip-stop trains are designed to help reduce crowding at popular stations.

Next Monday, Caltrain will nearly double the number of trains it runs up and down the Peninsula to help commuters social distance onboard as the region begins to reopen. The agency announced yesterday its plans to increase weekday service from 42 trains to 70, or about three trains per hour during peak commute times.

Caltrain is also bringing back skip-stop limited trains with a newly-designed service pattern intended to reduce crowding at popular stations. Two different limited trains will provide service to nearly every other stop, while a few low-traffic stations will continue to be served by local trains only. Weekend service will remain unchanged. 

Caltrain’s service improvements follow a similar announcement by Muni. Starting Saturday, Muni will increase frequency on the L Bus, the T Bus, and the 14R, and will bring back a modified 43 Masonic and 7 Noriega. For now, BART weekday trains will continue to run every 30 minutes on each line.

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