Camera Unfriendly: TV Reporter Stanley Roberts Irritates Irritable People

In eight years of shooting his KRON-4 segment People Behaving Badly, Stanley Roberts has been physically attacked more than a dozen times, including a fistfight with a trio of Berkeley gutter punks and a memorable encounter with a deranged, ski pole-wielding man on Haight Street.

When you film people behaving badly, they tend to behave badly.

Last month, however, things got out of hand, even by Roberts' standards. Following a segment on sideshows tearing up Bay Area streets, death threats flooded his Twitter feed and Facebook page — and, SF Weekly has learned, Roberts and his family received intimidating phone calls.

The San Francisco Police Department wouldn't comment on its investigation (but confirmed that earlier this year police visited a building on the block of KRON headquarters to receive a report).

Roberts declined to discuss these latest death threats. During interviews in 2013, however, he blithely noted that his life has been threatened at least half a dozen times. These cyclical threats always seem to follow segments on motorcyclists and ATV riders commandeering city streets, or sideshows.

Roberts' debut People Behaving Badly segment in 2006 featured ingrates urinating on the streets of San Francisco. This has proven to be a rich vein to mine; he refers to Bay to Breakers as “my Christmas.”

And no wayward pisser has threatened to kill Roberts. Yet.


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