Can 49er Joe Nedney Outkick Killer Robot?

In a blatant publicity stunt we just couldn't resist, the San Francisco 49ers' excellent placekicker, Joe Nedney, will engage in a field goal battle with a 300-pound titanium killer robot named Ziggy.

For those of you brought here via a Google search for the terms “300-pound” and “kicker,” no, this is not an article about Sebastian Janikowski.

Instead, Nedney will have a kicking battle with Ziggy at 11 a.m. on Monday at Kezar Stadium to promote the forthcoming RoboGames from April 23 to 25 in San Mateo. Ziggy is a fighting robot whose one “foot” is usually used to flip his mechanical opponents. He is being reconfigured to boot footballs forward rather than upend fellow sumo-sized robots. His competition with Nedney may be intense; Ziggy has purportedly booted a 60-yarder in practice. 

Ziggy, incidentally, is the creation of Michael Worry, a Canadian-born

engineer who relocated to Silicon Valley in 1997; he is the CEO of Nuvation. In addition to Ziggy the kicking robot, he's also created Texas Heat, which fries robot opponents with a flame thrower (that one won't be making an appearance on the gridiron).

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