Canadians Too Polite to Talk Trash Against Warriors

A hilarious Jimmy Kimmel video attempts to get Toronto fans to talk trash against the Warriors, but they are simply too courteous to do so.

The Golden State Warriors continue dealing with the NBA Finals fallout of their minority owner shoving a Toronto Raptors player during Wednesday night’s Game Three. But on the episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! that aired after the game, we find that Toronto fans have the opposite problem — as Canadians, they are just too nice to do or say anything rude. In yet another of their very funny ‘Man on the Street’ segments, Kimmel’s crew asked Toronto fans to talk trash against the Warriors, but they were all too polite to do it.

The full hilarity of the 3.5-minute video above cannot be captured in words, so we highly encourage you to watch these mild-mannered Canadians stumble through their feeble attempts at meanness, or their polite explanations of why they are unwilling to say anything rude or unkind about the Golden State Warriors.   

Kimmel also gets in a dig at Oakland’s recent decriminalization of mushrooms. “More people in Oakland were watching their wallpaper tonight than Game Three,” he quipped.

In another Jimmy Kimmel Live! NBA Finals tradition, Kimmel sent his parking lot security guard and sometimes-correspondent Guillermo to interview each of the Warriors before the Finals started. Guillermo asked the Warriors, “Are you excited to have a threesome?,” confusing the term “three-peat” with the very different word “threesome.”

The best response came from coach Steve Kerr, who replied, “I’d be excited for either one.”

Game Four of the NBA Finals is Friday night at 6 p.m. on ABC.

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