Candy Man Offers San Francisco Political Predictions

One of the most remarkable aspects of the ongoing mayoral selection rigmarole is that even City Hall's best and brightest are utterly flummoxed. The procedure to choose Gavin Newsom's successor, aptly described by Supervisor Chris Daly as a “clusterfuck,” was complex enough.

When you get into the mind-warping jurisdictional issues regarding whether or not Newsom can indefinitely delay his swearing-in as lieutenant governor and, therefore, deprive the current board of replacing him one feels the need to summon a lawyer. Or, more expediently, run headlong into a wall.

We dialed one of the city's top political consultants to get his take. Astoundingly, his old phone number is now used by a sweets shop; it was no joke when the man on the other end of the phone answered “The Candy Store.” What the hell. Who does candy purveyor Brian Campbell think will be the next mayor?

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