Cannabis Coffee Arrives to Perk Up Your Spirits

Ritual Roasters gourmet cold-brew gets a dash of THC in a new marijuana-infused coffee now available around the Bay.

The wake-and-bake crowd has a long tradition of brewing a pot of coffee while firing up a doobie. But the best of both of those beloved Bay Area indulgences now comes in the same cup with the introduction of Somatik, a THC-infused coffee drink brewed as a joint effort between artisanal coffee favorite Ritual Roasters and local edibles startup Somatik.

This is not the first attempt at cannabis coffee. The Internet has long been brewing up home recipes for a marijuana-coffee concoction called Bulletproof coffee, and a San Diego startup called Brewbudz has introduced THC-infused coffee in those horribly environmentally unfriendly single-use Keurig pods. But Somatik marks the first true cannabis version of an established, iconic cold-brew gourmet coffee product.

“We’ve worked with Ritual Coffee to source a bright, layered flavor of citrus, currant, and chocolate,” Somatik founder Christopher Schroeder tells SF Weekly. “Somatik has a lower dose of cannabis than you might find in other drinks, and that’s intentional. We wanted people to experience a balanced mind-body effect from the combination of caffeine and THC.”

This 8 oz. bottle of coffee is the only THC product Somatik has on the market, but they claim there are more to come. “Our cold-brew coffee is our first product, and we have a few more coming out later in the spring,” Schroeder says, and a cannabis chocolate-covered Ritual coffee bean is also under development.

Somatik cold-brew cannabis coffee is currently available in single-serve bottles at both San Francisco locations of the Harvest dispensary, the Oakland dispensary Magnolia Wellness, or delivered to to your door via the delivery service CANNVIS. Schroeder says a few more dispensaries will be getting Somatik soon, and it currently retails for $12 a bottle.

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