Tweets From Underground: A Timeline of the Fenced-Off 4/20 at Hippie Hill

What was to be the first 4/20 celebration at Hippie Hill with legal recreational weed sales has turned out to be a massive bust.

The official orders have been blunt: cannabis lovers are to stay away from Golden Gate Park on 4/20. But the question remains — will all pot enthusiasts heed the directive?

The cancellation of 4/20 festivities at Robin Williams Meadow renders this year’s high holiday perhaps the suckiest 4/20 ever. But at least you’re safe, and we strongly encourage you to stay home and enjoy some of the many 4/20 livestreams and online smokeouts accessible online.

Oh good! It’s the cops… er… rangers. They’re just doing their job and protecting public health. (Photo: Joe Kukura)

Meanwhile, SF Weekly will keep an eye on Hippie Hill and report back to you, as to whether people are indeed following orders from the man — who, by the way, is only trying to save your lungs from the ravages of a serious virus, so please stay at home and cool it with the smash-down-Babylon rhetoric for a minute.

We promise to diligently report on any any chronic problems or sticky situations as SFPD and Rec & Parks rangers do their best to enforce the closure of the meadow. So check back for updates from me, Joe Kukura, or as all you out there in Twitterland know me, @ExercisingDrunk.


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