Central Subway: House Votes to Block Funding. Delays Could Cost Muni Millions

For years, proponents of the Central Subway have portrayed the eventual approval and construction of the 1.7-mile, $1.6 billion rail line as a done deal. It certainly didn't feel that way on Friday.

An amendment authored by Rep. Tom McClintock that would block further funding for the San Francisco project passed the House by a vote of 235 to 136. Complaining about Muni is something of a San Francisco obsession. For out-of-town Congressmen to do so — and follow up by taking steps to strip funds from the agency — is something wholly other.

Muni portrayed the Friday vote as partisan warfare. “This a political attack on San Francisco that has nothing to do with the merits of the project,” wrote Muni spokesman Paul Rose. “This amendment is not in the senate version and should be eliminated in conference. The bottom line is that this project will improve transit for the city, region and state and has been vetted by every level of government and given high marks every step of the way.”

Critics, of course, could counter that the Central Subway is, itself, a political creation that has nothing to do with the merits of the project. But, no matter where one falls on the subway's advisability, you can't argue that time is money. And pushing back the date that the Feds may open their pocketbooks for the Central Subway would cost San Francisco money. Lots of money.

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