Chainsaw Guy Terrorizes BART Riders, Gets Arrested

A San Francisco man waved two chainsaws at his fellow BART passengers on Monday, and a viral video landed him in police custody.

A BART passenger may have taken his Leatherface Halloween costume a little too far. A video posted to Twitter Monday afternoon showed a BART rider menacing the other passengers with two chainsaws on a Richmond-bound train. While the video was quickly racking up thousands of views, BART police were able to track and apprehend the multiple-chainsaw-wielding suspect.

The video above was posted to a Twitter account named @jalina_ks just after 4:30 p.m. Monday (though another user claims to have shot the video.) It shows a BART waving around one chainsaw, announcing to no one in particular that he would “cut your freaking head off,” and then unpacking a second chainsaw from its hardware store packaging. Neither chainsaw was activated during the video.

But this behavior was scary enough to riders on the train, several of whom did alert BART police. The chainsaw guy was tracked and subsequently arrested when exiting at Lake Merritt.

BART police have since confirmed the suspect is San Francisco resident Patrick Bingman, who was arrested and booked for “making criminal threats.” NBC Bay Area reports Bingman had several other outstanding arrest warrants.

We’ve taken BART to task for its security lapses in the past, but we’ve got to note that this is one example where the security system worked effectively. This incident occurred on the same day that a rider got their leg caught between a train and the platform, another gruesome situation for BART security. This shows the range of unpredictable problems BART police deal with daily, and at least in this case, there was no chainsaw massacre.

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