Charter Amendments Ahoy! Supes' Last Chance to Really Tool Around With City Today.

San Francisco supervisors have long known that there ain' t no party like a charter amendment party because a charter amendment party don't stop. Unless you don't get five other votes from your colleagues. Then the music stops.

Today is the last Board of Supervisors meeting of 2009. A longtime board insider told us that, no, there won't be any end-of-the-year party — because “the members of the board don't like each other.” That makes for interesting meetings, though. And today's meeting may be more interesting than usual because it's the last opportunity for supes to introduce charter amendments  — which alter the city's constitution or “charter” — prior to June's election.

If a majority of the board votes to approve a charter amendment, voters will have the opportunity to weigh in come election time. If history is a precedent, anywhere from half a dozen to a dozen charter amendments may be introduced today. But, as is the case with young sea turtles waddling toward the ocean, the path to maturity is treacherous. Most of the fledgling amendments introduced today will never safely navigate their way into the city charter.

So, perhaps it's the maternal instinct that leads supes to sometimes be a bit secretive about what their charter amendment plans are.

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