The scariest thing in the world is a reformed politician, especially a Zen Buddhist reformed politician like Jerry Brown, sounding off in the winter Whole Earth Review. Sez Brown, “I came to see the [Democratic] Party as essentially a money laundry and discount bulk-mailing permit broker for incumbent politicians and Potemkin Village foil for the manipulation of democratic institutions.” … Might got jilted by its printer for issue No. 11 because the printer objected to the sexually explicit content of the mag's feature on “The Moment” — about the decision-making behind using a condom. David Boyer of San Francisco's Q Action, who works on AIDS prevention and education, calls the printer's action a “wake-up call” for S.F. residents, who rarely encounter such narrow-mindedness outside this sexual utopia. “It shows that it's not just advertisers you have to worry about, but printers, too,” he says. Happily, Might found another printer for the issue. … Deep Tout's guide to the supervisorial hopefuls, showcased last week, needs an addendum: It is Linda Alioto who is a potential candidate, not Angela. Tout's guide is now on the Web (

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