The San Francisco Examiner is to be lauded for rushing into its four-star, final edition the tragic news of Jerry Garcia's death on the day he died, Aug. 9. But they should have done a little better job of juxtaposing the quotes from Marin County Sheriff's Capt. Tom McMains. “[Garcia] appears to have died from natural causes,” McMains said. “This was part of his trying to get in better health.” … In last week's San Francisco Bay Guardian, the subject was diapers, the author was Andrew Leonard, and the gaff was biological. Leonard writes, “Basically, newborns metastasize mother's milk directly into a greenish-yellow substance that ain't like any poop you've ever seen.” Unless the babies in question have cancer, Leonard probably meant “metabolize.” … And finally, on the cover of last week's SF Weekly, the word “Mission” was misspelled. In the headline. In 60-point type.

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