A Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Cannabis Lovers

Find the perfect weed complement to your February 14 festivities.

When it comes to buying flowers for Valentine’s Day, perhaps it’s time to think outside of the bouquet.

While a gift of cannabis to celebrate romance may once have been seen as insufficient or impersonal, the options today when it comes to THC-rich variations on standard Valentine’s fare are enough to fill a grocery aisle. From infused chocolates to rose petal blunt wraps, it’s never been easier to pair your love with a little weed. 

In hopes of making a seriously stressful holiday slightly more chill, here are some surefire picks for pot presents this Valentine’s Day.

For your sweetheart with a sweet tooth

Sugar and Valentine’s Day are seasoned bedfellows, so naturally the cannabis industry has plenty to offer when it comes to THC-infused confections. For the true sentimentalist, perhaps Satori’s Fast-Acting Strawberries in Milk Chocolate will bridge the gap. Most importantly, these things are delicious. In addition, Satori has also engineered a formula that cuts down on the wait time usually associated with edibles. With the promise of a weed treat that won’t take forever to hit, Satori’s strawberries could be a Valentine’s Day dessert that may just lead to romance.

For those who don’t favor chocolate—or insomnia—there’s also Kiva’s Blueberry CBN Gummies. As a reminder, CBN, or cannabinol, is a minor cannabinoid known for its sedative properties. Unlike CBD and THC, CBN appears in more trace amounts in the cannabis plant, which is why we’re only just now seeing more products capable of featuring this sleep-promoting cannabinoid.  It’s no surprise that edible brand Kiva is leading the charge, given the enduring popularity of their milk chocolate-coated Terra Bites line.

If some quality cuddling and a great night’s sleep sounds like your ideal Valentine’s plan, grab a tin of these thoughtfully flavored, high-quality gummies. Also pairs well with very soft blankets and the streaming service of your choice.

For your high-strung significant other

Let’s face it: Sometimes the best Valentine’s Day is the one you don’t have to think about. Jobs are stressful, time is precious, and your special night together doesn’t have to revolve around high-stakes restaurant reservations or a fancy outing to be memorable. For a quieter alternative, why not celebrate in the bathtub? 

That’s the appeal behind Coda Signature’s Cannabis Infused Bath Bombs. Available in formulas like “Balance” (featuring rose geranium, patchouli, and lavender) and “Uplift” (featuring grapefruit, black pepper, and rosemary), each bomb contains 15 mg of CBD and THC, ensuring a pleasant but not overwhelming experience. Not only do these things smell amazing, but there’s few things better than the two-for-one that comes from soaking in suds and getting stoned simultaneously.

If your date is too busy to even celebrate Valentine’s Day, then it might be time to grab them a Dose Dial from Dosist. Known for their line of controlled dose vape pens, Dosist’s Dose Dial (don’t say it three times fast) delivers dissolvable tablets that contain precisely 3.7 mg of one of the company’s two patented formulas (two formulas are available for the dial, six are available for the pens). Discreet, effective, and reliable, a Dose Dial may not scream romance but is nevertheless an assuredly thoughtful thing to give to a special someone who is always short on time but clearly in need of a little relaxation.

For your boo who loves to blaze

Sometimes cannabis is unquestionably the most thoughtful thing you can give to the one you love. In that case, you may have to get a little creative. If you’d rather skip the risk of giving her something she already has or something he can’t use, go a different direction and help them take their blunt game to the next level instead. 

Purple Rose Supply’s Cannagar Roller isn’t really much more than a plastic mold, but used correctly, one can easily produce quality “Thai stick” joints. Known for burning more slowly and featuring a robust flavor, the compact cannagar is often rolled with fan leaves. Occasionally flower petals are used as well, meaning you can actually buy some roses for your sweetie and then smoke them together!

For the party of one

For as much as we have to hear about Valentine’s Day, there are many amongst us who have absolutely no desire to acknowledge the holiday. Whether heartbreak has made the date especially painful or you truly just don’t give a shit, one appealing option for running out the clock on Feb. 14 is to get really, really high. 

Caliva’s Bad Apple Poison Paradise is one strain suited for this exceptionally important task. Clocking in at 22 percent THC, this California hybrid will take you as far away from candy hearts and Hallmark cards as you dare to go. With a name well-suited for a Valentine’s Day protest, this sweet-tasting strain offers the promises of a holiday you’ll absolutely forget.

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