I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream… for CBD?

Bay Area ice cream makers Humphry Slocombe unveil a new spooky treat with an increasingly familiar ingredient.

Cannabidiol is having a moment.

There has been a triple-digit increase in the rate of users on Google searching for either “CBD” or the compound’s full name from 2016 to the present, according to new research conducted by the University of California, San Diego and Johns Hopkins University.

As a result, folks are trying to infuse everything within reach — creams, tinctures, oral supplements, you name it — with the non-psychoactive substance.

Enter Humphry Slocombe’s CBD-infused “Trick or Treat” ice cream.

Since opening their first location in 2008, the popular Bay Area ice cream makers have long been famous for their inventive, off-kilter flavors. Many residents have likely encountered the brand’s “Secret Breakfast,” which marries bourbon ice cream with corn flake cookies, for instance. This Halloween season, however, Humphry Slocombe has taken things a step further by offering a black-colored concoction featuring Peppermint Patty ice cream with chocolate chips, marshmallows, and 5 mg of CBD per scoop.

As one can imagine, working with CBD is a bit trickier than marshmallows. That’s why Humphry Slocombe is keeping things local by partnering with the Oakland cannabis infusion technology company Vertosa (formerly Nanogen Labs).

The partnership between the companies began earlier this fall, says Austin Stevenson, a vice president at Vertosa.

“We first worked with Humphry Slocombe in September to create a CBD Sundae featuring a CBD-infused Blondie,” Stevenson says. “This was a terrific opportunity for two brands who have embraced the Bay Area community to come together and do something fun for the Halloween season.”

Currently available through the end of October at all Humphry Slocombe locations, the “Trick or Treat” flavor is only available to customers aged 18 or older. For Panhandle resident and ice cream aficionado Rose Owens, the age restriction only made her experience trying the flavor all the more unique.

“I did feel extra cool due to the ‘18+’ signage for Trick or Treat,” Owens says. “Lots of kids walking by asked their parents if they could try it! It was nice to have a special ‘adults-only’ treat.”

Humphry Slocombe often has several alcohol-infused flavors available at any given time, so the option for those abstaining from alcohol to indulge in something that children can’t access is a compelling argument for offering CBD-infused ice cream. Of course, none of this would matter much if it didn’t also taste delicious.

For Owens, the flavor delivers on this front as well. She tried the new offering at the 24th and Mission location and hasn’t ruled out a return visit for seconds.

“I loved the Trick or Treat sundae option,” she says. “I felt like a bad kid eating my two scoops of CBD ice cream with candy corns and caramel sauce, which were perfect complements to the dark, minty, earthy flavor of the ice cream, and its cooling chill vibe. The texture was spookily inviting with those nuggets of mint patties too — like little gravestones!”

Though Owens does report the ice cream “turned my lips a ghoulish black,” she says she hopes to make it back before the flavor leaves on Nov. 1.

While it does feel that CBD companies are jumping the shark in some aspects — CBD-infused clothing and CBD-infused pumpkin spice lattes ranking among the worst offenders — we shouldn’t dismiss everything that bears that three-letter acronym outright.

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