Chris Daly Expects Big Crowd Tonight at Buck Tavern

Supervisor Chris Daly has gotten plenty of attention recently for his plunge from politics into the barman's trade. Daly, who is now co-owner of the Buck Tavern on Market near Gough, will be at his new digs from 4 p.m. on tonight for an inaugural drinking session.

We called Daly to see if there will be any special speechifying, drink specials, or extra bouncers to mark the occasion. His answer: None of the above, with the exception of one extra staff member to handle the large number of patrons he expects. “I know a lot of people” who are planning to stop by, Daly says. (Expect plenty of City Hall types, but don't expect Mayor Gavin Newsom to take a dive off the wagon in Daly's honor.)

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