Christina Flores, Mirkarimi's Ex-Girlfriend Who Accused Him of Abuse, Responds to His Radio Interview

Among the many things Sheriff-in-limbo Ross Mirkarimi said on the radio this morning was that his former girlfriend, Christina Flores, had fabricated her story that he abused her while the two dated in 2008.

“I was looking forward to the trial to really dispel it, though. It was a

piling on … so much fabrication that came in this pile-on,” Mirkarimi said on KQED's Forum this morning.

While he didn't mention her by name, Mirkarimi's comments were in response to Michael Krasny's questions about a former girlfriend from Los Angeles who had testified against Mirkarimi in court. Needless to say, Flores was not happy when she heard Mirkarimi's comments on the radio. She contacted SF Weekly to defend her story.

“I'm upset because I know I did the right thing, and now he is slandering me. I did my part to tell what happened to me under oath, and I take that oath very seriously,” Flores told us. “I spent two days in examination and cross-examination, and then he comes out and says I fabricated the whole thing.”

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