City Audit Slams Muni Labor, Management

City's Budget Analyst Harvey Rose released “part one” of a performance audit of Muni today. And, guess what? Muni drivers' self-serving work rules cost the city millions. The agency is drowning in overtime, accounting for just under half of the entire city's total. And the board that supposedly runs Muni is asleep at the wheel.

The audit didn't touch on that unidentified liquid coating the floor of the 38 Geary or your 19-minute wait for a J-Church; perhaps that'll be in the forthcoming part two. But it provided analytical backup for just about every other popular gripe about Muni mismanagement, many of which were touched in SF Weekly's recent cover story, “The Muni Death Spiral.”

Supervisors David Campos, David Chiu, Eric Mar, and Ross Mirkarimi handed out copies of the report to the press this afternoon and were then put in the awkward position of holding forth on a 132-page document they had not yet read (you can read it here).

We've now pored through the 22-page executive summary and talked on and off the record with the supes. And here's your takeaway:

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