City: Nurses Will Be Paid More Here Even With Slashed Salaries

The city of San Francisco's response to hundreds of nurses who stand to lose perhaps $14,000 a year in compensation: You don't know how good you've got it.

The Department of Human Resources is circulating a survey of nurses' compensation in San Francisco and surrounding counties that states San Francisco nurses will still be better compensated than their nearby colleagues, even after suffering pay cuts of roughly 20 percent.

Read the one-page survey here:

Compensation Survey (2302 – CNA) w EPMC.PDF

As part of the ongoing layoffs and pay cuts that has pitted the SEIU against Mayor Gavin Newsom, large numbers of Certified Nurse Assistants will be laid off and offered jobs as “Patient Care Assistants.” It's unclear how the duties of the jobs differ — but PCAs will earn quite a bit less than CNAs: The annual maximum has been pared back from $62,088 to $49,374.

And yet, contends the city, nursing assistants elsewhere would be thrilled to earn this kind of money.

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