City Streetcleaner Getting Tired of Picking Up Your Old Computers

Since the city would rather you'd ask a person wearing a tie and slacks to the office what items are commonly hauled off the streets than talk to the man hauling items off the streets, we'll just call him Willie. And Willie was not pleased.

The Department of Public Works streetcleaner was shoveling a mound of waterlogged Examiners into the back of his truck, which fell among larger items he'd physically lifted and tossed in beforehand. Willie confirmed that today's haul was very typical — soaked TVs and drenched desktop computers are typical fare for those picking up San Francisco's streets.

“It's seasonal man,” he noted. “After Halloween, you find a lot of pumpkins. After Christmas, it's trees. So, it's largely seasonal.”

It's always the season for Willie's least favorite items to pick up, unfortunately: “Human waste” and “needles.”

When asked if he had any messages for the people of San Francisco, Willie laughed. “Yeah,” he said. “Please clean up your own mess.”

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