City Workers Laugh at 'Letter from Gavin' — Because it Beats Crying

As the clock struck eight Wednesday morning and the jarring sight of “Now Serving: No. 0001” flashed across City Hall's digitized signs, workers laughed and bickered. It was just like any morning. But, then again, it wasn't.

“Here's your letter from Gavin,” said one City Hall worker, passing out copies from a hefty sheaf  of stapled papers. It was a two-page missive from Mayor Gavin Newsom apologetically informing some 15,000 city workers — including these folks — that, come Friday, they're being laid off.

The mass-dispersal is part of a city plan to re-hire virtually all of the workers for 37.5 hour work weeks, thus saving an estimated $50 million. Still, it's never pleasant to be shown the door, even for the best possible reasons, and the folks behind the counter were nervous.

“Didn't Gavin e-mail this to you Tuesday?” said one worker? “Yeah,” replied her colleague. “Personally.” Laughter. “What, you guys are like, BFFs now?”

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