City's Restroom Taskforce Wants You To — Ahem — Sit Down And Offer Your Input

Does this city have a taskforce on taskforces? It doesn't appear to — but just you wait, now someone will bring it up. In any event, all excretory humor aside, we do have a restroom taskforce. Before you laugh, however, be informed that the restroom taskforce has the chance to piss away a serious amount of city money, if things go badly.

Last year, city voters approved $11.4 million dedicated to park and playground restroom upkeep as part of the $185 million Proposition A. Now our restroom taskforce is looking for your guidance on which terrible, terrible city restrooms should be fixed with that voter-provided loot, or which locales deserve a new restroom.

During seven meetings this year, the taskforce categorized the city's freestanding public restrooms into three categories: Abysmal, Wretched, and Not Even Johnny Knoxville Is Going To Go In There. Sorry, that's not true. The categories are simply “Priority One,” Priority Two,” and, predictably, “Priority Three,” and you can draw your own conclusions from that. Here are the Priority One restroom replacements:

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