Cops: Exploding Trash Can No Biggie

At around 12:30 this morning on the 1300 block of Bush street, a garbage container blew up. Blowed up real good. The ambiguous wording in the police report didn't indicate if it this was a run of the mill garbage can or a dumpster that would require a howitzer shell to ensure its destruction. We are now informed that it is the former.

Police spokesman Officer Samson Chan described this as “a minor incident” — or, as the good folks at Monty Python put it, “Don't be sentimental. Things explode every day.

The reason the fiberglass trash can up and detonated is still under investigation — but police did not find any wiring or other material in the debris to indicate this was a sophisticated explosive. “It could be an M-80” or some other form of dynamite, Chan postulates.

The spokesman says he hasn't heard of any other items mysteriously blowing up in the area. 

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