Cops Raid Pot House First, Ask Questions Later

On Jan. 11, someone knocked on the door of Bruce Rossignol's 13th Street

home. The investment banker turned medical cannabis cultivator, who,

as SF


reported in August

wishes to someday open a cannabis club in North Beach, assumed it

was his landlord.

He was wrong.

At the door were a

dozen officers from the San Francisco Police Department, narcotics

officers from the Drug Enforcement Administration, and officers with

the San Mateo County Narcotics Task Force. They raided the

sophisticated cultivation operation on which Rossignol had spent an

ungodly sum of time and money.


smashed his grow equipment and then seized cash and an unknown

amount of marijuana.

That's a bummer

—  and one that could have been avoided with a single phone call.

Rossignol, a medical cannabis patient who says his

operation was truly legal, has a dispensary permit

application pending with the Department of Public Health. But

the SFPD didn't bother contacting regulators until the day after


raid, according to the police report.

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