Cops Seize 10 Guns in Bayview on Saturday

On Aug. 7, Mayor Ed Lee held a press conference at Calvary Hill Community Church near the Bayview district to announce that he was dropping his pursuit of the conntroversial “stop and frisk” policy. SFPD Chief Greg Suhr joined him to declare that the department would be implementing a new anti-gun, non-stop-and-frisk strategy, called “Interrupt, Predict, Organize.”

The department would place greater focus on tracking the city's parolees, spot-checking their houses for illegal weapons, and cultivating ties to the community in order to predict where the guns might be … and blah, blah, bah.
Seemed like nothing more than a political face-saver for the mayor, with the police chief helping him dig out of the hole. Mea culpa, let's all move on.
But wait a minute: The I.P.O. initiative appears to be more effective than any kind of stop-and-frisk movement.

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