Cyclist Drags Passenger Out of Car in Attempted Robbery

The cyclist first collided with the passenger door, which was opened while the car stopped on Van Ness and Golden Gate avenues.

After colliding into a car door on Tuesday, a cyclist assaulted and attempted to rob the passenger inside, police said Wednesday.

A car with its passenger door open on Golden Gate and Van Ness avenues served as an obstacle for one cyclist, who collided into it on Tuesday around 11:40 a.m. The car was stopped but it’s not clear if the car was parked, double parked, or stalled for any given reason, according to police spokesperson Officer Robert Rueca.

The male cyclist then reached into the car and assaulted the passenger, who was still sitting inside next to the driver. The 34-year-old attempted to grab the passenger’s purse, dragging her out of the car in the ensuing struggle.

At this point, two bystanders got involved and held the suspect down until police came. The suspect was arrested and the 23-year-old passenger was left with injuries not considered to be life-threatening.

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