Cyclist Killed in Richmond District Collision Saturday

This is the first cyclist killed on San Francisco's streets in 2018.

A 69-year-old man was killed in a collision shortly after noon on Saturday, near Anza Street and 22nd Avenue in the Richmond District.

According to a report from the San Francisco Police Department, the cyclist collided with a parked car. Medical teams were summoned to the scene, but the cyclist’s injuries were too severe to survive, and he was pronounced deceased at the scene. 

While many unfortunate collisions that result in deaths happen in areas with excessive traffic and high speeds, this one seems to be an exception to that rule. The intersection has a four-way stop sign and only a slight incline, which makes the cause of the crashes difficult to predict. Neither street is on the city’s Vision Zero high-injury corridors, the 12 percent of streets where 70 percent of severe and fatal crashes happen.

This is the first cyclist killed on San Francisco’s streets in 2018. 

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