DA Kamala Harris Says She Never Saw Report Criticizing Crime Lab

SFPD Chief Also Denies Awareness of Critique Written by Prosecutor and DNA Expert

District Attorney Kamala Harris and San Francisco Police Chief George Gascón both said today they have never seen and were not aware of a report in which a renowned prosecutor says he criticized the supervisor of the SFPD crime lab's DNA unit.

Their statements, made following a press conference held in San Francisco on Harris' transition to the office of California Attorney General, are at odds with the assertions of Rockne Harmon, a highly regarded prosecutor and DNA expert who worked on the O.J. Simpson case.

Harmon, whom Harris herself once called “the guru of DNA evidence in the state,” said in an interview with SF Weekly last week that he produced a report for Harris' office earlier this year that was “critical” of DNA lab supervisor Cherisse Boland's conduct in a murder case, and that he “was and still am concerned” that the document has not been shared with defense lawyers, who might use it as exculpatory evidence.

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