DARPA Creates Cyborg Spy Moths, Girls' Locker Rooms Everywhere Compromised

DARPA has created a totally new, creepy fusion of live animals and human technology. According to an article in flightglobal.com, the government agency has found a way to put tiny spy mechanisms in the bodies of living moths.

In the latest work a Manduca moth had its thorax truncated to reduce its mass and had a MEMS component added where abdominal segments would have been, during the larval stage.

The cyborg moths can be remote controlled and contain audio and imaging censors. DARPA has listed the drawbacks of the moth/robot hybrid as “the short life span of the insects, which means they could be dead before they are needed and the fact that MEMS insertion was labour-intensive.” Also, they returned hours and hours of footage of the bathroom light fixture in the DARPA offices.(via Wired) –Andy Wright

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