Daughter of Alleged Zodiac Killer Chose Recently Disbarred Lawyer as Her Spokesman

At a ridiculously well-attended press conference this afternoon in front of the San Francisco Chronicle, a histrionic red-headed woman named Deborah Perez announced that she had solved perhaps the greatest mystery in the history of Bay Area crime. Her father, she claims, was the Zodiac killer. His name was Guy Ward Hendrickson, apparently a Jekyll-and-Hyde type and a carpenter who died of cancer 26 years ago.

Perez claims to have been a 7-year-old sidekick to Hendrickson during some of his killing expeditions, and adds that she wrote some of the Zodiac letters and embroidered the Zodiac symbol on his mask. She also claims to have in her possession a pair of glasses belonging to one of the victims, and says she's seen a scrapbook including photos of 30 to 40 victims, which, shockingly, has not been located.

She's only come forward now, she says, because she just recently put the whole thing together after seeing an episode of America's Most Wanted. She's among hundreds of people who claim to have information on the Zodiac killer, so to get the attention of the FBI and San Francisco Police Department — and, it would seem, to promote her upcoming documentary — Perez called a press conference. After the news of the conference hit the front page of the San Francisco Examiner this morning, giving all other media and the entire city a heads up, it became a circus.

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