David Chiu's Yellow Pages Jihad Is Smart — and Smart Politics

Supervisor David Chiu's pending legislation to require residents to opt-in before receiving a Yellow Pages isn't just smart — it's savvy.

Anyone who's ever taken a trip to the city's recycling plant knows that phone books are so heavy, they confound machines designed so bulky items tumble to the bottom and light items — namely paper — stay up top. Phone books must be manually plucked from the filth and tossed onto a separate conveyer belt. And anyone who's ever waded through a battalion of phone books in his or her apartment foyer has had a “what the hell?” moment.

So Chiu is definitely on to something here. If he fails, he fought the good fight and it won't cost him a penny of political capital. But if he succeeds, then he hits the jackpot — and can claim he accomplished what his rival Sen. Leland Yee could not.

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