Dead Trees Littering SF Streets Not Created Equally – Too Many Branch Offices in SF, Not Enough Wood Chippers

According to city policy, clearing up this dead Christmas tree and dead non-Christmas trees will require at least two trips … and perhaps many more if the non-Christmas trees are privately owned. All Photos | Joe Eskenazi

You’d think the same workers could haul away discarded Christmas trees and the dead trees piled atop them after the storm – wouldn’t you?

By Joe Eskenazi

Not that there’s ever a good time to be blown under a Muni bus or have a tree fall on your pickup truck but, in at least one way, an argument could be made that the timing of last week’s über-storm was pretty good.

Observant city dwellers may have noticed that, even before San Francisco was converted into a moist wind tunnel, dead trees began piling up on our city streets – dead Christmas trees. Per the dictum from the city’s garbage services, “clean, unflocked trees” sans “tinsel or lights” were to be placed next to one’s cans on his or her normal trash day between Dec. 31 and Jan. 8.

So, with many tons of branches crashing down atop the discarded Christmas trees over the weekend, one would figure that the city is killing two birds with one stone, right? The same folks can scoop up all the plant accrual in one fell swoop, right?

Wrong. This is San Francisco. And here, we kill two birds with at least half a dozen stones (and we have to make sure those stones weren’t provided by a company doing business in Darfur).

According to Joanne Ramirez …

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