Dennis Herrera Slammed — for Advising Against Breaking the Law

The Chronicle's front-page salvo against Dennis Herrera today was something of a head-scratcher. The story's multiple anonymous sources lambaste Herrera for supposedly assessing that a city policy designed to flout the law was, indeed, illegal.

Huh. Just what is the function of a city attorney these days?

Here's a synopsis: Several anonymous members of former Mayor Gavin Newsom's administration told the Chron that Herrera was not initially in favor of the erstwhile mayor's 2004 decision to render San Francisco the Las Vegas of same-sex marriages, describing him as “obstructionist.”

Herrera — whose office will put out a press release to announce it put out a press release — has made a lot of political hay based on the city attorney's successful campaigns against marriage discrimination. Using that odd amalgamation of student council politics and Stalinism it takes to win Democratic Club endorsements, he beat out gay candidate Bevan Dufty for the Alice B. Toklas club's No. 1. So, it's understandable why an article like this would be written. But it has nothing to do with marriage equity.    

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