Dennis Peron, Pot Guru, Raided by San Francisco Cops

Things haven't been going well for Dennis Peron lately. Peron, one of the authors of Proposition 215 — the 1996 voter initiative legalizing marijuana for medical purposes in California — is on the outs with some cannabis advocates for his staunch opposition to Proposition 19, which would legalize marijuana for recreational purposes. In April, he was laid low by a stroke, which led him to sell off a downtown Los Angeles hotel he'd been renovating and focus instead on running the Castro Castle, a pot-friendly inn of sorts he keeps on 17th Street. Then, last week, the San Francisco Police Department came knocking there, according to Peron.

Details are hazy — and no “official” account from authorities yet exists — but Peron says the following happened: Members of the SFPD's narcotics unit entered the Castle, at 3745 17th Street, at around 4 p.m. on August 4. They took 12 people into custody — guests at the inn and some employees, including Peron, who spent the night in jail, he said. Officers also seized an undisclosed amount of cash, 12 laptop computers — Peron's laptop and the machines of his guests — prescription drugs belonging to some of his guests, and a pound of marijuana, Peron said.

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