Department of D'oh: Hearing Dog Program Releases Promotional Video — Neglects to Add Captions For Benefit of Hard-of-Hearing

Not long ago, we wrote about San Francisco's Hearing Dog Program, a recently formed nonprofit staffed by the folks who used to run the SPCA's program (until it was essentially disbanded last year). The Hearing Dog Program recently lost its legal dogfight with the SPCA to claim a $500,000 bequest — but, last month, still managed to graduate its first class of meticulously trained hearing dogs.

The above video demonstrates just what those dogs can do — and is intended to raise the organization's profile and catch the attention of the hard-of-hearing that a dog may be able to assist them around the home and out of doors. So, it was a bit strange that the video was released sans captions — so its intended audience couldn't, you know, understand what's going on.


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