Dianne Feinstein Tells Francisco to Go Smoke a Fat One

​Wait, not all of your tax dollars are wasted in San Francisco. Your local bureaucrats make it part of their job to send a letter every February to state and federal politicians restating the city's desire that the government legalize marijuana.

No, that's not what you think it is: Bill O'Reilly imagining the most absurd extension of San Francisco-style piss-in-the-wind left-wing symbolism. In 2006, the heyday of San Francisco lefty politics, the Board of Supervisors really did pass a law requiring officials to send this letter annually to the governor, the House of Representatives, the U.S. Senate, the California Assembly, and the California Senate.
But with every year that passes, and each with missive sent, federal and

state bodies respond with sweeping disregard.

That was until this past


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