Did Rose Pak Pad Travel Gift Reports?

Kibitzer Jon Golinger, who last month compiled Ethics Commission travel gift reports to show that the Chinese Chamber gave $19,506 in travel gifts to politicians, isn't dropping the subject.

Chamber bigwig Rose Pak has been quoted as saying that Golinger's figures were overblown and that she overstated the amount of money the Chamber contributed to a 2009 Asia junket attended by Supervisors David Chiu, Carmen Chu, and Eric Mar. She changed her story and said it was two dozen businessmen who came along on the junket and helped pay their way, Pak told The Bay Citizen.
Golinger, who's had a career working for well-known politicians including former supervisor Aaron Peskin and Chiu, has set up an organization called San Franciscans for Clean Government. He says he is curious as to whether junkets wined and dined politicians to get what they wanted — a quick hearing and favorable votes.

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