Disney Studio Coming to the Mission?

Bienvenidos a La Mission, Mr. and Mrs. Mouse?

Mission denizens received an odd, anonymous press release last week: “According to reputable sources, Disney Studios recently met with the SF Mayor's Office to plan its move to the former Hershey's Chocolate location at the corner of Folsom and 16th streets in the heart of SF's Mission District.” When we followed up, the author would only identify his or herself as an owner of the “property adjacent to the future Disney location at the corner of Folsom and 16th streets.”

Well, neither Disney Studios nor the mayor's office has gotten back to us. Mission District Supervisor David Campos hasn't heard a thing. But the property's real estate broker wouldn't deny the Disney rumor (though he said there are still no “signed commitments”) — and made the following none-too-veiled reference to a large, glove-wearing rodent:

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