District 7: Cost Unclear on Recount

A consortium of labor groups this week moved to ask for — and fund — a recount in the razor-thin loss of labor leader F.X. Crowley in the District 7 race.

This move was not unanticipated. But its cost remains uncertain. The San Francisco Labor Council was quoted as estimating a price tag exceeding $200,000, while Department of Elections Chairman John Arntz mentioned the tally of $5,000 a day. These numbers don't appear to jibe; a 40-day recount would be the electoral equivalent of the deluge.

Arntz yesterday told SF Weekly that he has no clue where the $200,000 figure came from, but said $5,000 a day is a good starting estimate “depending on what you want.” (Recounts, like automobile models, apparently grow more expensive when more features are desired).

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