District 7: Only 97 Votes Separate F.X. Crowley and Norman Yee

As the Department of Elections churns through the uncounted ballots, the race in District 7 has been transformed from ridiculously tight to preposterously tight.

As of 11 p.m. on Election Day — following the reversal of a “formatting error” — only 338 votes separated leader F.X. Crowley from Norman Yee. After running through a relatively small number of ballots yesterday, Yee gained only seven votes on Crowley.

Today was a better go for Yee. As it stands, he's now only 97 votes behind Crowley, with miles to go before this election sleeps.

“They don't know how much more they have to go,” said Crowley. “I am still cautiously optimistic we're gonna pull this out.” Yee has not yet returned SF Weekly's calls.

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