Does SF Have the Best Weather in the West?

Not too hot, not too cold… actually, too cold.

It’s August 4th, and San Francisco is blanketed by a marine layer of foggy air-conditioning. Temperatures are in the low 60s, winds are high.

But hey, what do we know? San Francisco has the best weather in the West, according to a study from insurance aggregator The Zebra. That’s right. San Francisco beats out L.A., San Jose, and the rest of the Pacific Slope — even San Dee-ahh-go.

San Francisco takes the cake, with an average temperature of 43.5 degrees Fahrenheit, a yearly low of 21 degrees, and 71 percent sunny days, the study finds, based on NOAA data. While those numbers should look suspicious, keep in mind that the study measures metro areas, which, in San Francisco’s case, includes Oakland, Hayward, and nearby suburbs. It seems that in weather, as in life, Oakland bails out its big sister. 

Still, none of the Bay Area’s urban centers can touch Redwood City when it comes to dubious measures of great weather. “Climate Best by Government Test,” is one of the city’s unofficial slogans, based on German and U.S. government data from the period immediately following World War I. 

Another highlight from the Zebra study that could prove controversial: Boston has the best weather in the Northeast, and New York City has the worst. Even on this coast, everybody knows that “Boston” and “best weather” have never appeared in the same sentence. 

It’s almost as if this “study” was designed to inflame local passions. Maybe it was all just a ploy by The Zebra to generate free publicity. Oh, wait…

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