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Not Pot
This week the FBI told the world, via the New York Times, that it was pouring its resources into the global fight against crime. Setting up an international police training academy in Hungary, G-men and women will concentrate their efforts on terrorism, money laundering, drug trafficking and the new black market in nuclear warheads. Would someone let the S.F. office in on the program? Members of the Cannabis Buyers Club, an underground cooperative of AIDS and cancer patients who say the herb lessens their pain and increases their appetites, allege they're being followed and videotaped by FBI agents. S.F. FBI spokesperson Rick Smith refused to confirm or deny the existence of an investigation, but John Entwistle of the CBC says a club contact in the FBI confirmed last week that there's a warrant kicking around the FBI with the CBC's name on it. “Our source in the FBI told us they don't like us because of all the positive press the medical marijuana movement has received lately,” Entwistle says.

Frank = Angela
Angela Alioto blunders her way through another interview. In Sunday's Chronicle, Alioto excoriated Frank Jordan as a man out of touch with the common folk because he “no longer hangs out at the Irish Cultural Center” and continued, “He no longer is walking out in the avenues in the Sunset and the Richmond and being with the people who elected him.” Having portrayed Jordan as an elitist and implicitly hyped herself as a proletarian, Alioto then leveled the ultimate insult: “He lives in Pacific Heights. He moved in across the street from me.”

Spend and Elec
tIf you think Mayor Jordan should be allowed to raise and spend unlimited campaign funds, sign the new petition for a referendum that would repeal Sup. Hallinan's spending limits law. Jordan punted the chance to veto the legislation when it reached his desk, and now his office says he's supporting the referendum, which will require about 30,000 signatures to qualify by the May 5 deadline for the November ballot. Clint Reilly, the measure's instigator, has hired American Petition Consultants, the firm that gathered names for the anti-immigrant Prop. 187. If the referendum makes it onto the ballot, Reilly will be the biggest beneficiary: Ballot status would suspend Hallinan's law for the duration of the November campaign and mean that Reilly, Jordan's consultant, could charge, charge, charge. Four years ago, Jordan paid nearly $900,000 in consulting fees to Reilly, Jack Davis and now-chief of staff Jim Wunderman.

By George Cothran, Jack Shafer, Larry Bush

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