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Zapping the Zapatistas Interested in protecting the billions Chase Manhattan Bank invested in Mexico, one of the bank's consultants issued an internal memo bluntly calling for the Mexican government to “eliminate the Zapatistas to demonstrate their effective control of the national territory and of security policy.” The four-page, January 13 memo, which emanated from Chase's Emerging Markets Group, insinuates that the peso's crash was prompted by Zedillo, who “has overshadowed the commitment of the Mexican monetary crisis to a new wave of political reforms that include … negotiations to resolve the Chiapas crisis ….” The memo spawned protests in New York, Arizona and Chicago, and its author, political analyst Riordan Roett, is no longer employed by Chase.

Is That a Promotion in Your Pocket? In the two years since former police officer Joanne Welsh accused Police Chief Tony Ribera of sexual misconduct, the chief has promoted several officers and spouses of officers who could give damaging testimony in Welsh's upcoming federal harassment trial. Some police insiders surmise that the chief is trying to affect their testimony. “These are goodwill promotions,” says one veteran inspector. Four months after Welsh lodged her charges, Ribera promoted a female officer he's alleged to have harassed. He promoted the woman's husband 10 months later. The female officer denied that the chief harassed her when investigators interviewed her. But Welsh says the officer told her partner of the harassment and that her attorneys intend on calling the partner to the stand. In Ribera's latest round of promotions this month, the chief promoted Welsh's ex-husband, Dan Gardner, to sergeant; Welsh told Gardner about Ribera's alleged unwanted advances. In 1993, Ribera promoted Greg Corrales to captain of the narcotics division. Corrales' wife, Lianne, was Welsh's roommate when the chief allegedly harassed her, and Welsh told her details of the unwanted advances. Ribera was vacationing in Hawaii and unavailablefor comment.

Martha Sanchez Beswick, George Cothran

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