Dog Mauling Has Mirkarimi Back in Hot Water

Ex-Sheriff Mirkarimi’s dog attacked a chihuahua in Potrero Hill.

Former San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi’s transition to a quiet private life continues to not go smoothly. After his 2011 New Year’s Eve domestic violence incident came up last month in another batch of attack ads in the mayoral race, we now have word from the Chronicle that Mirkarimi’s dog Kara attacked another dog six weeks ago, requiring $800 of stitches and veterinary work to the little chihuahau-mix named Buddy (above left).

To top that off, Mirkarimi did not appear at an SFPD Vicious and Dangerous Dog Unit hearing on the case Thursday, according to KPIX. Mirkarimi’s wife Eliana Lopez (yes, her) did attend the hearing in his place.

Update: Eliana Lopez has responded with a lengthy Facebook post. “I’m the one who train[ed] Kara and always take her to the park however last March 29th I asked my husband and my son to take her for a walk because I was busy with the baby,” Lopez says. “I do not know what triggered Kara that she bit Buddy.”

“Next thing I know is that I receive a citation with my name on it for a hearing about Vicious and Dangerous dogs,” she writes. “I was speechless listening how [chihuahua owner Marty Cobb] keep talking about my husband who is a PRIVATE CITIZEN and my son who is a MINOR in a very disrespectful way and was ‘pissed’ that my husband was not there. Was the hearing about my husband or about the dogs? Was the hearing about playing victim in the media or about the well being of our dogs?”

Marty Cobb, who owns the injured chihuahua, was indeed displeased by  Mirkarimi’s absence at the hearing. “I don’t know why he’s not here today,” owner of the injured chihuahua Marty Cobb tells KPIX. “That really bothers me because my son and husband took off work.”

Cobb alleges that her dog Buddy was mauled by Mirkarimi’s boxer Kira in a March 29 incident that nearly killed the little chihuahua. She says Mirkarimi was present for the encounter at Potrero Hill Recreation Center, but after her dog’s face was torn up and bloodied, he merely told her to “put some peroxide on it.”

She says Mirkarimi has reimbursed her the $800 in veterinarian bills.

Dog mishaps can happen to anyone, and this is hardly a scandal the caliber of a sheriff involved with domestic violence or forcing inmates to engage in jail fights. But the scenes at Vicious and Dangerous Dog Unit hearings can be brutal and heartbreaking, as the commission does have the power to ordered dogs euthanized.

Cobb doesn’t want to see that happen. “Maybe keep the dog as safe as possible, maybe get the dog some training,” she told KPIX.

The Vicious and Dangerous Dog Unit will rule on the case within ten days.

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